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Diane's warm, motivated & authoritative tone brings great energy to your project... with years of experience teaching live and virtually in corporate settings, she draws on that extensive experience to ensure your projects' success. 

She's the coworker that you trust for advice, the CXO in a boardroom who casts the deciding vote, or the Mom sitting next to you at the football game who 'gets it'.  Relatable, knowledgeable, real, entertaining and smart.

A veteran of Management Consulting, Executive Education, Corporate Communication and Sales Strategy, Diane brings an informed perspective to your e-Learning and Corporate Narration Projects.  She's been delivering inspiring messages and informative content for 20+ years for the world's largest global companies in the US, Australia and Singapore.

Diane Knox Corporate Narration DemoDiane Knox
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 * Statement on Representation in Voiceover *
I support authentic representation of identity in Voiceover

and do not seek or accept work that would ask me to impersonate an identity that is not my own. 

Female Voiceover / Commercial / Corporate / Narration / e-Learning / Neutral American Mid-Atlantic accent

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